Source: The Okwukwe's Samsung Camera

Source: The Okwukwe’s Samsung Camera

This is the 7th day of January, correct? Correct.

I’m done with How They Started by David Lester. So, something happened during the course of my reading this week: I didn’t really commit on the first two days (1st and 2nd) and the spillover effect made me play catch up yesterday. I had to read about 80 pages in a sitting. Lesson learnt!

Now, this book was enriching: from the inventor (Dyson) who suffered many setbacks until his inventions came to fruition to the lady who had an accident that led to her founding a company, all interesting. Thanks, Munachim. I found some answers I seek in the world through this book, I learnt and I got about four ideas to existing ideas I shelved in my idea pad (I’m not sharing…lol).

So, here:

  1. “Supermarket buyers aren’t there to do your business plan for you. They are incredibly busy people and are approached constantly with new ideas. To stand out from the rest of the pack you need to offer real innovation.” – James Averdieck, Gu Chocolate Puds
  2. “Never give up, never ever give up.”
  3. “If you can, build a brand.” – Karan Bilimoria, Cobra Beer
  4. “It took about three years of trying before three years of success. It’s a learning experience but just because something fails, it isn’t necessarily a complete waste, you learn what you can from it, realise one element that works well, and leverage that into a new business.” – Michael Birch, Bebo
  5. “Although in business, there is no substitute for making the leap and getting started, there is much to be learned from entrepreneurs who have been there and done it. Live the highs and lows for yourself, but read this book first.” – Karan, Cobra Beer

And that’s all for this post. Tomorrow, I take up the next book and see what knowledge/ideas can be gleaned from it and what place I could travel to. David Lester’s book took me to the UK mostly and then, India and France jumped in on a minor.

What book are you reading for Week 2, 2016?

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