Fighting terrorism may require a lot, especially raids and unlearning. A lot of unlearning, if I must type.

Unlearning how to not see humans as lesser humans meant to glorify a god who’s definitely too small and weak to fight for himself or herself (goddess?) Weak you, it-ever god you are!

Thou shall not kill. Isn't this basic already? Click To Tweet

But raids are just surface level and unlearning is root level.

To unlearn is to have an open mind, ready to discard what these terrorists have known for months or years like,

“There are no 7 virgins ready to be sexed by you or you, by them when you get to hell (sugar-coated to be heaven). Everyone goes asexual when they get to heaven’s or hell’s gate.” (I’m not exactly certain about the last sentence but I’m sure angels don’t have sex in heaven or hell – either singing or gnashing teeth).

“Allah never said you should kill.”

“Thou shall not kill. Isn’t this basic already?”

“C’mon, you can co-exist with your fellow muslims without imposing an Islamic state or haram on them. Do you get it now?”

“You need redemption. You’ve been in religious opium.”

Unlearning cuts at the root, not merely hacking at the leaves. But the question that kept re-surfacing as I typed this post is, “Are terrorists ready to unlearn – especially if they have sufficient funding in terms of oil, taxes, etc.?”

Would defeating terrorists be primarily focused on cutting off all sources of their funding that aids in the acquisition of sophisticated weapons?

Would cutting their funding off force them out – to be killed or to be taught unlearning?

Unlearning cuts at the root, not merely hacking at the leaves. Click To Tweet
Written by Okwukwe

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