“First off, talent Isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Second off, that to-do list in your head or on paper is a checklist or a list of points that needs to be taken into consideration before engaging in an activity. These lists of points are put down for reference and information purposes, to be called upon when need be, to be used as tracking devices. So, we’ve got this talent checklist and it’s just open secrets therein.

On the other hand – by the way, this is third off – it is easy to see that an oxymoron is in play with regards to open secrets. I must say this before I write the next paragraph: Oxymoron is a very funny figure of speech that unites two contradictory words together; it’s so funny I wonder what the hell went on in the minds of the English wo(man) before it came into existence. How can we have bitter sweet, tears of joy, agree to disagree, accidentally on purpose, abundant poverty, deafening silence, love hate, living dead, original fake, constant variable, unbiased opinion, tragic comedy, good grief, honest thief, and our very own open secret?

Check this out: Oxymoron in itself is an oxymoron. I think I enjoyed my English classes more when it was just about oxymoron. It was gotten from the Greek word Oxy and Moros. Oxy means sharp and Moros means dull. How can we say “…sharp dull”? Does it make sense? Ask the Englishman, he should have the right answer to that. Notwithstanding the funny nature of oxymoron, now that we’ve gotten past the origin of talent from way back to current time, let’s delve in.”

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Written by Okwukwe
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