Source: Okwukwe

Source: Okwukwe

“When career manipulation is discussed or mentioned, it often begs this question, “[Why and] should I give up my passion and career choice for you?” I’ll answer as in-depth as I must.

No, you shouldn’t. Never. Listen to guidance but don’t give it up unless your career choice is way negative and who am I to insist that this career choice is way negative for you or anyone?

You’ve got a moral compass, right? Just use it to know your parameter; I know my parameter.

When it comes down to that point where you don’t just have a passion for something but you go for it too, that’s the point where you often witness a departure from your first love.

Often; it doesn’t necessarily happen every time but it often does. This is as a result of career manipulation.

This may lead to a wrong choice of career and it’s majorly attributed to loved ones. I mean, if it’s someone down your street and he’s trying to manipulate your career choice, you can just kick him to the next street, ignore him or something similar.

“Why is this person like this?”

“Why can’t she support me?”

“Can’t she see this means a lot to me?”

“Why is my dad so selfish he wants me to follow his path? What about my path?”

“They don’t even bother about what I want. Must it be what they want?”

Questions. More questions.”



Written by Okwukwe

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