In 2012, I don’t know what happened with Unizik’s database but there was something like a crash. How did I know this? Students were asked to fill bio-data form. I think that’s why; that’s a best guess and the only people with the actual information as to why this happened would be the school management and a company: Fleet Technologies Ltd.

Fleet Technologies is responsible for the set-up and/or management of Unizik’s portal; they’re also responsible for the management of Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) portal. They should know the truth.

Just like MTN asked us to re-register our SIMs or risk disconnect, we were asked to fill a bio-data form. Personally, I felt this was crass: I mean I didn’t jump into the school fence-style; I came in through proper means, so did a lot of people; the school management ought to have our details and several back up.

But that’s not what this is about. This is about an opportunity I saw in that: I could do the registration for students because I have Internet access and a functional computer; to cream the crop, I’m fast with computers.

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Written by Okwukwe

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