When I woke this morning, there was just one thing in my mind: Meeting my book printing deadline. But, I was feeling sick.

I just couldn’t stand up, neither could I sleep because the reality of a deadline about 18 hours away was lying close to me. Well, I stood up and got to my laptop. The deadline stood up with me and sat on my laps.

Said a short prayer and on. 8 hours full time on the book with a 2-hour break, I’m some pages away from conclusion. I thought it’d take 6 hours tops but I still have about an hour to go then…

…I’ll do a re-read that will take anywhere from 2-4 hours. All this, I have to complete tonight because my printer sent me a WhatsApp message at 11am to know if I’m done. I quickly replied, “I’ll be done in 16 hours.”

In any case you don’t know what book, it’s titled Bank Of Deposits (a book on talents, passions, gifts, laced with experiences of mine that you’ve never heard or read about).

It’s a book I’ve been working on since 2010. 5 years now. I marvel at the patience of a spontaneous The Okwukwe.

Nevertheless, I’ve been waiting for the time to tick right before printing, publishing and marketing and the time is few minutes to right. So, for the past two months, I’ve been editing (basic and developmental), proofreading, creating the cover concept and all.

It’s been exhausting. Very.

Early this month, I got the sample copy of Bank Of Deposits. It looked so beautiful to be true but there it was: beautiful and true. Few eyes have seen it; I don’t want other eyes to see it just yet because there are things to still fix in it.

Plus, the publisher has a deadline with me, too and he’s someone I know very much and I don’t want to disappoint him.

I don’t have a concrete date for the book reading. Yet! But it will definitely be in the first quarter of 2016. When I do get a concrete date for the book reading, you’ll know on here.

In the following weeks that will sign off this year, I’ll post two excerpts per week. I hope you enjoy them.

Btw, thanks to Anne (our book prefect), Munachim and the lady-who-doesn’t-like-to-be-mentioned-on-my-posts-but-reads-all-my-Musings-&-Light-Bulbs (the one that encouraged me last night to ‘manage’ and just complete the final work today) and co. You’re amazing!

Okay, bye!

Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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