b2Bank of Deposits

…is an allusion to a human (bank) with talents and/or passions (deposits); an informal narrative of talents and passions through the eyes of the writer as he works towards living the lonely life of a writer and other talents and passions of his: entrepreneurship, graphic design, etc in Nigeria.

10 Sections, 76 Episodes

In ten different sections and seventy-six episodes, the writer leads his readers through his search for his identity and how it led him towards the discovery of his talents and passions; the biography of talent; open secrets about talent; types of intelligence; individual SWOT analysis; stages of talent management; the business side of talent; having a talent blueprint: plan, vision, mission statement, goals and activities, investment, relationship, innovation and prayer. He concludes with a microscopic view on how analysis paralysis halts us from following or harnessing our passions.

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We take a look at the various sections and what you’ll find therein:

  1. In Search of My Identity.
  2. The Biography of Talent.
  3. Why You Should Never Hype This Talent Ish.
  4. Maybe You Are Selectively Weak/Lazy: Differently Intelligent.
  5. SWOT It Out.
  6. Stages of Talent Management.
  7. The Business of Talent.
  8. Do You Have a Talent Blueprint?
  9. Talent Management is a Continuum.
  10. Analysis Paralysis.

In Search of My Identity builds up from the introduction and posits a narrative of the writer going through several phases of his life: secondary school, university and post-university, in a bid to connect with what he’s truly passionate about.

The Biography of Talent talks about how talent came into being and the sources: God via a genetic process. From another perspective, the writer focuses on the capability of passions being environmentally- inspired and derived.

Why You Should Never Hype This Talent Ish presents the open secrets and pre-conceived notions people have (or might have, as the case may be) about talents and/or passions. The writer shoots these down with explanations and lots of examples, proffering solutions and processes to unlearn all those open secrets and pre-conceived notions.

Maybe You Are Selectively Weak/Lazy: Differently Intelligent highlights the various types of intelligences we have as identified by Howard Gardner and offers choices of profession an individual who is intelligent in a field of intelligence may align with. The types of intelligences are: Spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinaesthetic, musical, interpersonal and naturalistic.

SWOT It Out highlights the matrix used in corporate circles to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company. The writer makes this personal by creating an individualistic SWOT analysis for his readers to enable them find their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, including what to do with them when they find.

Source: House of Specuit

Source: House of Specuit

Stages of Talent Management talks about the various stages for managing your talent and/or passion: Discovery, preparation, application/delivery and actualization.

The Business of Talent is a section that highlights the importance of selling your talent or passion profit-wise or NGO-wise. The writer leads you towards things/set of people that could manipulate your career, intentionally or otherwise.

Do You Have a Talent Blueprint? talks about having a plan, vision, mission statement, goals and backing them up with activities.

Talent Management is a Continuum builds on the previous section and highlights pro-activity (discipline, the 10,000 Hour Rule), investment, relationship, innovation and prayer as tools for the management of talent.

Analysis Paralysis signs off Bank of Deposits with an examination of the factors aka the invisible scripts we write for ourselves and write off ourselves from pursuing our dreams and passions. Invisible scripts such as: “…Nigeria is so tough and this book is for the whites, not us,” “I don’t even know where to start from,” “I’ll pursue my passion when I’m old enough.”


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Currently, Bank of Deposits is available via three outlets. You can purchase a paperback copy for N2,000 via the following channels:

  1. Terra Kulture (1376 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island, Lagos or call 01 270 0588).
  2. Konga.com (http://www.konga.com/bank-of-deposits-2477766)
  3. Okwukwe via Okwukwe@theokwukwe.com

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