Source: Okwukwe's Camera

Source: Okwukwe’s Camera

In 2016, this is my first foray into a religious book.

I won’t exactly term my 6th book for the year, Joyce Meyer’s ‘Look Great, Feel Great’ as religiously hardcore but it draws a lot from the Christian aspect of religiosity.


I got this book in 2013.

In 2014, I read one-third of it and something carried me away. With enhanced eyes, I’m reading from the start, to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Despite being a book which draws from the bible, it veers off the common path popularly walked by some writers/authors of religious books and chooses a path of enlightenment, and not one riddled with bible verses in the verso and recto of the book.

The opposite of what Joyce Meyer did is why I’m yet able to wrap my head around reading books in the spiritual genre.

I’m not saying using bible or Quran verses or the verses of other religious books is wrong.

I’m saying it should be intertwined with the writing else it comes off as boring. Except the target market is not what I suppose.

Oft, most authors – no, I wouldn’t say writers – splay so much verses of the bible within the pages it seems like reading the bible all over again.

Now this isn’t a crime, to read the bible on and on.

But I have a bible – make that two: paperback and app. I don’t need a third.

This is a book you wrote; write from your observatory and personal experiences. That way, I may become better.

Joyce Meyer did so. So here I go with her as she carries me away…


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