Source: The Okwukwe's BlackBerry Camera

Source: The Okwukwe’s BlackBerry Camera

It was NAEC. The cousin of WAEC, just that if you school/schooled in Command, you’d have to take several seats (literally) in SS 2 for the examination.

Maths seat. English seat. Government seat. You-took-expo-into-the-hall seat, probably.

If you ace it, you’re on to SS 3. If you don’t, you’d do a remix of SS 2 ft NAEC. That kinda deja vu ish!

I remember we: Edeh Godwin, Okporuanefe Paul, Fidelis Fifi Ogenyi, Okoro Fidelis, Eze Obinna and co.

I can’t remember co. but I think there were co. who joined us in this crusade for, “NAEC, fall down and die.” Co., identify yourself if you’re reading this so that I can tag you.

If you ace NAEC in Command, you're on to SS 3. If you don't, you'd do a remix of SS 2 ft NAEC. That kinda deja vu ish! Click To Tweet

It was that serious. Almost as serious as being caught jumping fence in secondary school.

Because several good teen heads are better than one teen head, we did something about it. Not exactly something. Somethings!

We did stuff like:

  1. Skipping classes – We were looking at the big picture; classes were too small to fit in the frame so… not necessary. I think this was where I learnt skipping classes, a skill that played out great in later years.
  2. Drinking coffee – We had to turn to nocturnals and we sought the help of coffee. Coffee agreed to lend a helping hand.

I agreed to skip class but I didn’t agree to drink coffee. Tales like, “Too much coffee can make you run mad,” “You’ll have insomnia,” and stuff demurred my drink-coffee decision.

I wanted to do it by myself, so that at the end of NAEC, I can do humble- or proud-bragging rights, “It is I. I did it by myself, all by myself. Who needs coffee?”

That worked for a while. A short while and then, sleep constantly seduced me into her arms and cuddled me quite romantically.

While I was having an affair with sleep, others kept burning the midnight candles, saved rechargeable light and all.

One day, I threw in the towel and drank a cup of coffee with sugar and milk.

It was like a welcome ritual to the coven except that we skipped the incantations and slaughter parts; everyone was happy I’ve become like them. But something very interesting happened…

…That was my best sleep time ever. NAEC be damned! LOL

I slept till the next morning. When I woke, I think I asked Godwin, “Guy, how far na? Shey you say this coffee go keep me awake?”

I don’t think he gave me a clear-cut answer to that. In disappointment and regret of 6 hours wasted while NAEC was knocking consistently on the door, I vowed never to take coffee ever.

That was in 2007. 8 years ago!

I never took coffee until two days ago, Saturday, the 21st. Popsy brought this Nescafe Coffee home and the packaging looked very enticing. I was sold in!

My spirit sat my body down and they had a conversation:

Always question what you believe in, the vows you made and the reasons for making them - evaluate the reasons critically. Click To Tweet

“Why don’t you drink coffee?”

“Because of those reasons, you know them now.”

“No, why exactly?”

“Because of that day.”

“But you say you’re open-minded. Why not evaluate your vow and see if your reasons are actually okay?”

“No, don’t play that card on me. You know…”

“Just drink and see…”

So, I drank a cup of coffee. Decaffeinated coffee! It tasted heavenly. I felt unfettered from a funny teenage vow.

About 14 hours later, I took another cup.

Nevertheless, immediate elder sister still thinks I’ve not broken that vow, “You think this is coffee – with this much sugar and milk? Travel to UK and you’ll know what coffee is. Caffeinated!”

“Hehe. This is my choice. I don’t do caffeinated. I do decafs.”

Right now, I’m on a coffee adventure, trying to see if Nescafe Coffee will win me over or Edmark’s (which I’m yet to try) or if I’ll stay with Lipton Tea and substitute with hot chocolate oftentimes (Ovaltine or Milo).

Why not evaluate your vow and see if your reasons are actually okay? Click To Tweet

And while getting set for this coffee adventure, I guess I have to get this off my chest:

Always question what you believe in, the vows you made and the reasons for making them – evaluate the reasons critically. Like me in the coffee saga, you MIGHT see that your reasons are shallow. Very shallow! Or, oh-so-solid that there’s no reason for you to not keep them come hell or high water.”

Written by Okwukwe

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