I clocked plus one in this month but that’s not what I’m on about here.

Thirty-one days gone and it seems we’ve done half a year or something due to an illusion of slow time and different weather conditions.

But this is life, I don't expect less. Click To Tweet

Particularly, time illusion. Time seemed too lazy to travel these past thirty-one days.

Still, good news all the way (read two books and I’m on the third: Nnedi’s ‘The Book of Phoenix’, did my business trip to Awka and back – two most important goals I set for January, 2016) despite challenges that I’d to sleep over to get solutions to or brainstorm and pace half of the nights or days to walk through.

But this is life, I don’t expect less.

If less came, I’d be surprised and not exactly happy. How would my brain waves/fibers grow without challenges? Unnecessary comfort has never been appealing and savoury to me.

My book’s deadline with House of Specuit was the 15th of January. I couldn’t meet up and I was told by the printer that if I missed the deadline, it would be shifted to February.

I did stretches of six hours, eight hours and ten hours even. It was maddening! So I ‘gave up’.

I wrote a three line mail for an extension of 3 days. I got it. LOL.

On the 18th, I submitted my manuscript and looked away, promised I wasn’t going to look at the manuscript again except in finished form… because tendency of perfectionism.

Like the cracks on a window hit by a stone, I broke that promise again and again until few days back.

Well… My printer wrote this morning to tell me Bank of Deposits (2016) is ready.

Well... My printer wrote this morning to tell me Bank of Deposits (2016) is ready. Click To Tweet

So I guess this is what this post is about: Progress. That’s extra points for me, ya know? Hehehe

End of this week, few copies will (likely) be available on limited sale.

By second or third week February, it’ll officially be on sale in outlets I’ll post on here. Soon as I get a concrete date, you’ll know.

For now, let me go on ahead and continue writing some new books. No time to wait for the muse. She always waits for me to be interested in her before she comes around. Such crush!

As January walks away, most importantly, I realized that I’m mostly afraid of myself – before it could escape into full blown, I caught a part of me starting to dwell on the edges of comfort, thinking, “What if I go out there and lose? Fail?”

I was shocked; I asked myself this question about three times this month but then, I’ve got to stay progressive. That’s the mantra! I sat myself down, questioned me and told me that…

In February and on, I should face my deepest imaginations and fears by walking into an ‘uncertain’ future.

Nothing is certain. Why wait?

Nothing is certain. Why wait? Click To Tweet


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