Bank of Deposits I““Is it best to be mentally intelligent than physically intelligent?”

I’d really love to say yes but that will definitely be from a biased perspective as a revenge to all those physically intelligentsia intimidating the rest of us with six packs – but then, the truth is that both matters. There’s no set answer to this, it’s not a set piece.

And this goes out to you, my friend. The sooner you realize that physical and mental energy are meant to co-exist in this sphere, the best for our varying levels of intelligence and these energies which have been successfully identified by a wonderful man.

So far, he has the best classification of intelligences and it correlates with your passion: If you’re not naturally intelligent in this field, forget about a passion for it. Simple!

He defined intelligence as, “A dimension on which human beings differ… a bio-psychological potential of our species to process certain kinds of information in certain kinds of way. As such, it clearly involves processes that are carried out by dedicated neural networks. No doubt each of the intelligences has its characteristic neural processes, with most of them quite similar across human beings. Some of the processes might prove to be more customized to an individual.”27

So how best do you process certain or all kinds of information? Emphasis on best! In what ways are you actually intelligent?”

– #BankofDeposits

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Written by Okwukwe

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