You wake up this noon and you roll on your bed as you navigate your duvet with your fingers, for your phones.

It’s always your phones. That’s the first thing you search for when you wake up. You don’t even check if your sister is sleeping soundly beside you.

Perhaps, you forget to pray and rather search for notifications, messages or chats. You’ve got to keep up with your friends connected via cyberspace.

When you’re tired of the routine check, you jump off and dress for work.

Today, you’ve got a delivery to make but today, you can’t afford a taxi.

The idea of taxis is still new to you, so new that you’d rather board a danfo and be the seventh tale of my Danfo series.

You get to Ikeja that evening, to make your last delivery before you head home.

It’s almost 5pm and almost everyone is rushing home. Even animals and insects.

You see a bus going the way of your last delivery and you jog to meet up. You do meet up but there are many fellas wanting to jump in too.

Dried sweat mixed with cheap and expensive perfumes; you ignore the stench.

Conductors yelling like mad you remember those conductors that yell, “‘shodi ‘shodi ooo,” instead of “Oshodi Oshodi ooo” You ignore them too.

Priority: a seat in that bus.

You ‘fight’ your way through and as you’re about to secure a seat which you’re not certain about because there’s a lady with wide hips contesting for that seat too – and you’re thin like plantain chip – a passenger alights.

You’re happy.

You’re certain of a seat.

You’re so happy you forget what’s happening, the seat is your priority.

Not until you get into the bus, settle down and frantically search your pockets do you realize that the real owner of your phone has taken your phone.

Right from your pocket.

You want to cry because someone outsmarted you on the streets of Lagos but it is what it is.

Your phone has been stolen!

Conductors yelling like mad you remember those conductors that yell, 'shodi 'shodi ooo, instead of… Click To Tweet You 'fight' your way through and as you're about to secure a seat which you're not certain about… Click To Tweet
Written by Okwukwe
Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist ('08-'12) = Okwukwe

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