…or an analyst.

I’d like to restrict this to just the political enclave but then, every [business, church, etc.] campaign needs an economist or an analyst.

This makes post 327 much broader and when things are far too broad, they welcome a familiar method to the madness of ambiguity.

We’ve got to bypass this madness on the highway and drive home to Nigerian politics. After all, our political atmosphere has been a mess as far back as we can’t remember.

Actually, some of us met electricity messed up, roads unworthy to be driven on, insecurity so much that a high fence and non-electric powered barb wire can’t secure us, poverty dancing in the streets to the drum of the spirits. Crazy and appalling stuff everywhere!

I met it that way. I’ve lived over twenty years. Has anything changed? Yes, negatively.

So, you may want to dump your party politics in May 29, 2015 and come back to the future: February 8, 2015. Quick reminder: Few days ago, your president admitted he didn’t know why he came to rule this time around.

I applaud him. I really do. Such gusto! Well, we’re in the future not stuck up in Buhari’s inauguration ceremony.

When a sitting president says, “I didn’t know why I came to rule now,” it’s your duty as a supporter or anti- to question his manifesto and campaign team. My duty!

To find out if there was actually an economist or an analyst in his team or just let’s-donate-rice-for-a-vote team, let’s-promote-a-non-feasible-manifesto team, etc.

I met it (Nigeria) that way. I've lived over twenty years. Has anything changed? Yes, negatively. Click To Tweet

Because if there was an economist or analyst with an excellent head and brain in the president’s team (emphasis: excellent head and brain), questions like these would’ve been asked (I’m a retired economist, so permit my inability to plot a graph or something – I was never able to plot one in school):

Wasn’t there cost-benefit analysis?

Like, “Mr. President, you get to accommodate and inherit an economy in shambles (dollar is rising, oil price is going way below and may drop over 100-200%) – cost – but on the other hand, you get to gain salaries, name, fame, allowances, etc. – that’s the benefit.

Do you think you still want to contest for the presidency? Now may be a good time to step down.”

“…But We Can Still Use Oil?”

No, Mr. President, we need an alternative plan: diversification, alternative energy or agriculture. This should be implemented few months after you get into office.

“When we get into Power, We’ll Ban Imports.”

No, Mr. President, you don’t get to ban imports. Imports work pari-passu with exports. It’s a given.

Our export base is weak and almost non-existent. We could (and should) make it strong and existent: we’ve got moringa seeds, cocoa, charcoal, etc.

Instead of just exporting the raw produce, we could (and should) start manufacturing finished products and export them.

No, Mr. President, you don't get to ban imports. Imports work pari-passu with exports. It's a given. Click To Tweet

That way, we make more profit. But first, we’ve got to fix the energy sector. Without electricity (not NEPA), the costs of production will increase and will spill over to the product price and chase buyers away.

“How do we deal with terrorism?”

We don’t negotiate with terrorists but we get to advise them to sheath their machetes, pin their grenades and keep away their guns.

If they refuse to, we employ military action against them without holding back. Ergo, the allocation of funds on defence has to be stepped up and there should be adequate implementation of the allocation at the right time.

Instead of just exporting the raw produce, we could (and should) start manufacturing finished… Click To Tweet

Questions. More questions. Like these.

But were these questions asked or did the campaign team focus solely or getting an opposition party out just to sit down, play the blame game and watch the economy swerve from left and right without a concrete direction?

Written by Okwukwe
Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist ('08-'12) = Okwukwe

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