Bomb blasts everywhere, it’s almost like a freaking competition and every terrorist sleeper cell is gunning (bombing) for an award.

An award of 7 virgins per head, except that in hell and heaven, there are no virgins. There’s no sexuality there.

Who are they gonna sleep with? Of course, the devil. I’m freaking certain God doesn’t do terrorists.

Just like one achievement encourages another, these evil perpetrators are drawing inspiration from their counterparts all over the world.

Thirsty and blood-lusty, they replicate what has happened elsewhere, the flip-side of fast communication. It’s become a deja vu!

The Creator’s strength to those who lost their loved ones in the Yola blast. It’s dire to ask what the government is doing about this.

I prefer to die peacefully, GCFR Nigeria. Click To Tweet

What’s the concrete action being taken? Same way, we’ve replicated “‪#‎PrayForParis‬” with “‪#‎PrayForNigeria‬” and “‪#‎PrayForYola‬” is the government replicating a “From Yola With Love” to Boko Harams?

These prayers without works are dead on arrival (DOA) and missing in action (MIA) like praying for exams success without studying hard and smart.

We’ve been praying for circa 14 years, we look like Praying Mantis, just for the sake of being seen… praying.

In Brymo’s words in In The City, “No body ready to fight the fight.”

Or, do 32 lives in Nigeria just count as numbers not as souls?

Are they worth condolences only, condolence visits and sympathies or are they worth renewed and strengthened attacks on these terrorists?

Would the Nigerian government draw inspiration from her counterparts all over the world by launching a massive attack on these Boko Haram terrorists or would we live on, “media reactions,” “tweet reactions,” and co.?

I think that’s how we’ll die another day but I’d prefer we die peacefully.

I prefer to die peacefully, GCFR Nigeria.

Or, do 32 lives in Nigeria just count as numbers not as souls? Click To Tweet
Written by Okwukwe

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