I’m happy for Adele: 499 million views on YouTube (almost 500 million already), over 3 million album copies sold in the USA, etc. Interesting numbers, I must type!

Lots of records broken: Taylor Swift’s, Beyonce’s, NSYNC’s, etc.

While I’m swooning in Adele’s happiness like she’s my mentor or something, a guy comes up with an article on Digital Music News and in a long I-don’t-know-the-number-of-words article attempts to ridicule Adele’s tactic not to stream her recently released album, 25.

Don’t crack this nut. I’ll nutshell it for you so that you don’t get bore-festy reading it. So, here’s the summary of his article.

Three words: “Adele is greedy.”

And he goes on to justify why streaming (free and paid) is the new cool for artistes. Boy, was I in shivers!

I went from 0-100, “Dude! Wait, what?” (Someone should help out with an adequate meme for this).

In any case you don’t gerrit, you don’t get why I was in shivers, let’s take a drive home – to me doing the thing I do mostly which is writing.

It’s just like me doing the #WritingChallenge by myself, of myself and for the people since May 1st, 2015 (read: Musings & Light Bulbs) where I get to write every day because I believe in demo-cracy.

Demo-cracy: Demos. Training field. Etc.

Free stuff on Facebook. If you’re Twizy (twitter crazy), then Twitter, too. I only get paid when you like, comment, share, tweet, retweet, inbox me those, “Keep doing it,” most importantly… when you read my Musings & Light Bulbs.

Virtual currencies. I wish they were liquid.

Someone gets to like my #WritingChallenge and thinks I could ghost-write a book for her. FOC!

Free Of Charge.

“Really? Like seriously?”

“Come closer and propose that again.”

“How did I get into this conversation with you?”

Excuse me, please!

This is what artistes, artists, writers and certain professions suffer in the hands of humans of New York of the world.

To think that this fellow has a huge following and is an Adele fan and won’t purchase her album for $9.99 doesn’t concern me. Please, is it my money?

What amused my hungry bank accounts waiting to eat some cash is trying to convince everyone else that refusing to stream your music you spent hours penning down or paying people to pen down is born out of greed.

If she was truly greedy, the Hello track would’ve raked in 499m * $1.29 (the cost price on iTunes) = $643,710,000. Now, you may divide this by 10 to get a realistic figure because free gets streamed more but I think you get my point.

It’s like spending over 100 hours writing, rewriting, developmental editing, line editing/copy editing, etc. and then you try to judge the writer for not giving out free.

I don’t listen to people like this. I don’t get why I should listen to someone who does and/or professes, “Free over paid,” like it’s a calling, especially when the fund is available.

To me, you’re just a greedy, stingy “I-am-not-supporting-your-career-even-if-this-ish-you-just-brought-out-is-uber-cool” raving human.

So, while I’m listening to Adele’s album on repeat (nice way to spend $9.99 on iTunes: N2,300)…

Hello! Goodbye.

Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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