I’m high on 2016ish and I’m thinking about New Year Resolutions.

They hardly count. I mean, lots of people disappoint themselves with that.

I’ll do a mini-roll call for you to tell the people that have disappointed themselves with that: Okwukwe, Okwukwe, Okwukwe, you, etc. LOL

Bandwagon-ism. Herd mentality. Popularity sham.

No one wants to rain on parades to spill this home truth on some folks like rain splatters through a dilapidated roof.

But I will. I hate parades; they remind me of NYSC.

I was 17 then. Ebuka and I swore to the heavens that we’d have no affair with New Year Resolutions anymore. I had a singular goal for my 18th: Financial independence.

Until I clocked 21 (late 21 ooo…like Quarter 4ish) and told my parents, “Folks, keep your pocket money. I’ve got my pocket sewn up,” was when I achieved financial independence.

4 years. Just N50,000 financial independence but that meant something to me.

Are new year resolutions okay? To me, no. Apparently, it’s never worked for me but then, whatever rocks your boat on sea, right? Just keep sailing and dock on a nice port.

I’ll offer a fresh perspective to this New Year Resolution. Like fresh wine in a new wine-skin.

Yesterday, I thought deeply about New Year Resolutions and discovered they’re just annual ‘visions’. In that case, it makes them sensible; remember my stand on visions: often ‘crazy,’ ‘stupid,’ and unrealistic because we’re in non-utopia. So, there goes…

What bites so hard is that visions – none at all – don’t work without a plan – goals, strategies and activities (deliberate practice).

New Year Resolutions are like a house you just rented – without fittings and furniture and loved ones. If you want to make it work a la home, you need the fittings, the furniture, your loved ones and other stuff (bedding, etc.)

So, what’s it gonna be: a chubby New Year Resolution without tendons and/or bone structures (a plan – goals, strategies and activities aka deliberate practice) or… what?

Happy 2016!!!

Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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