Source: Okwukwe

Source: Okwukwe

“You think the market is saturated but then, look harder. There may be a gap in that saturated market and you can use that to your advantage.

Go ask the mama puts and other restaurants/eateries before the advent of online food orders. An individual saw the “no online food pre-order ish” gap in this market – the gap being that these restaurants/eateries aren’t available online – so she decided to harness that advantage and pimped it to: “Order your food online, get it in thirty minutes or an hour.”

Did you see what she did there? She identified the gap in a saturated market notwithstanding the fact that there’s almost a restaurant/eatery in every street in Nigeria or Ghana especially.

Check your street and see that it’s reality. But she found a gap and it still works till today.

When people are complaining about something in a field, like finding it easier to read on devices because it’s more portable, that’s a gap in the market (ask Okada Books). Find out how to take full advantage of it.

This reminds me of a project I worked on with TexRak.”

– #BankofDeposits

Written by Okwukwe

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