Source: Jonathan O'Neill

Source: Jonathan O’Neill (Facebook)

Heavy traffic? Dislike.

Breadfruit? Dislike.

War? Dislike.

Shallow discussions? Dislike.

Less driven folks (intentionally)? Dislike.

Eateries/restaurants/hotels without POS? Dislike.

Facebook proposed Dislike Button? Indifferent.

See? I dislike a lot of things but I feel indifferent about the Dislike Button.

My awesome friend told me I paint indifference [apathy] to look like passion.

Perhaps, I do because I sound passionate about some things – even things I don’t really know about.

But this particular indifference, why I’m so passionate about it isn’t far-fetched:

IT’S CATCH-22!!!

I strongly feel the Dislike Button will be scrapped off few months after it’s out if something’s not done.

As seen here:

Zuckerberg’s reason for listening to the voice of (reason?) to introduce the Dislike Button is this:
‘It is awkward to click ‘like’ on a post about events such as the death of a family member or the current refugee crisis. There should be an option for users to express that they understand and relate with what you are going through. Not all moments are happy ones.’

I agree: not all moments are happy ones. Of a truth, some posts are meant to be liked shared. Not liked.

Yet, the implementation of this idea looks so unreal except there’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guide its path on Facebook.

I read somewhere that if you get a max of 10 dislikes, your post is off Facebook.

I hope this isn’t true but if it is, let’s put this into central perspective:

I die. My friend puts up a post mourning me. His mutual friends who knew me and feel sad at my passing dislikes the post as condolence. 

1 mutual friend. 2. 10. Zuckerberg takes my friend’s post down.

My spirit gets angry, wakes from the dead and sues Facebook.

See? Does it make sense?

If the ‘Dislike Button’ has no feeling or algorithm to guide its display attitude and restrict it to posts of sad moments, grief and sadness, I think mindless behaviour will occur soon.

Some folks will intentionally dislike to put you off or stuff. I mean, c’mon, you know this right? It’s akin to putting a ‘broken heart’ button on Instagram, to rep dislike.

I’ll like the Facebook proposed Dislike Button if it’s hardware. So, that when you don’t like stuff on the streets, you just pull it out like your GTBank token and… DISLIKE! Just kidding… lol

On a serious note, I hope Zuckerberg will employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid the Dislike Button to achieve its major task. It’ll work wonders else….

Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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