Forgiveness is looking at the man who shot your leg, rendered it partially useful and embracing him without feelings of revenge, guilt and a desire to get back at.

I suppose that’s it, right? If that is, that works fine, I suppose.

But that’s not forgetfulness.

Forgetfulness is selective amnesia.

A preference to deliberately cease to think and trust that he won’t maim your other leg tomorrow (if you’ve got three legs, well… the remaining two legs).

It’s easier to forgive than forget.

Our memories are tricky. They do what they’re trained to do:

To remember.

To call up moments.

To help us rehash the past.

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How then, how easy do we forget when we’ve been murdered in cold blood financially, spiritually, mentally, physically, sexually or emotionally?

How do we get on, on a clean slate? By unlearning, I suppose.

How do you unlearn, train your mind to isolate certain incidents as ‘errors’?

Perhaps, you’re 25 already and there, you’ve got 25 years of unlearning to do.

We can’t use the <if… else> algorithm here. Let’s save it for the computer programmers having a feast with PHP.

If we choose to go basic, it’s not even as simple as using the CTRL Z function in your laptop. Or, simply…

It’s not as easy as pulling the ON and OFF switch on the light switch.

Who said using the light switch is easy though?

Honestly, I still feel dumb knowing which section is ON or OFF on light switches.

Oftentimes, we’ve got to bask in the exact feelings of the experience to find healing from pain etched somewhere, knowingly or unknowingly.

I’m one of the folks alive – and dead – that think dealing with issues require confronting them. Say, I was a very scared kid when I was younger and to deal with my fear, I had to continually watch horror movies – and it definitely helps.

I’ve always had this fear of heights, so, before I clock 26, I want to jump off a high-rise building or sky dive from an helicopter in motion.

And then, this fear of death by accident because countless news I read and heard at 10-12 years old, so, someday, I’m going to race full speed on a track – power bike style.

You see: finding healing from pain (dealing with fear by watching horror movies, dealing with Acrophobia by a proposed sky dive, dealing with Dystychiphobia by racing) etched somewhere…

…confronting my fears headlong …confronting issues headlong!

Suicidal? Perhaps.

Doing it over and over again like we’d take sniffs of cocaine in little doses [than we used to] when we’re on the road to recovery from addiction.

We hope that someday, we can look the source of this great pain in the eye (if it’s got an eye or two or three) and well… trust again.

Trust again – creating a mosaic from the splinters of a shattered mirror; forgetting to remember and remembering to forget.

Oftentimes, we've got to bask in the exact feelings of the experience to find healing from pain… Click To Tweet I'm one of the folks alive - and dead - that think dealing with issues requires confronting them. Click To Tweet
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