Hi Karl, I found the opium of the masses and it’s in a bottle not in religion.

There’s dependence, independence and inter-dependence.

Dependence is quite easy to grasp; everyone has been dependent.

When you require and rely on someone to get by without making an effort whatsoever, that’s dependence staring you right in the face.

It’s easy to be dependent; just soak yourself in laziness and do nothing.

Yet, not everyone has been independent. Or interdependent which is mutuality.

It’s a long walk from dependence to independence, but it’s achievable and not far-reaching.

There are independent 19 year olds or 22 year olds in the world and in Nigeria.

Talking about age which I see as more a number than a yardstick for wisdom, let’s think about a 56 year old man or woman.

Wouldn’t it flummox you if you see a 56 year old man who is still dependent and warms up to others just to get by?

“What has he been doing all his life?” That’s the question that will escape your lips.

Or you’ll go straight for a below-the-belt punch, “Useless man.”

Now imagine that 56 year old man is Nigeria and it all begins to make sense. Doesn’t it?

It’s more a replacement than an imagination, afterall, you know what’s been up and what’s up in the Nigerian economy.

Look at Singapore who’s 51, UAE (the one you fondly call Dubai) who’s 45.

Look how the sectors of their economy are switching gears and accelerating at full speed.

Investors pumping in money MoM (Month on Month), QoQ (Quarter on Quarter) and YoY (Year on Year).

Yet, this 56 year old man thinks we’re the choir and we can be preached to.

Because YoY…October 1st has become our new-found religion.

Because we’re the masses, we take doses of opium from time to time, “But we’re happy.”

No, you’re not.

Ask Karl Marx, it’s the opium coursing through your veins.

I don’t think you know what happiness is.

When the opium washes off, let’s have a drink and determine what happiness really is.

You’re just long suffering; have an interaction with your dictionary.

Most of us are long suffering to the point we envelope Nigeria in this cocoon of pseudo-praise, “But we dey try naa.”

I hate buts when it’s used to justify stupidity like we almost always do.

This cocoon of pseudo-praise we keep threading is a bit on the edge of mockery and driving full throttle into stark naked shame.

Placing her in the caboodle of developing countries of the world numbs my senses.

I find it insulting that we place incompetence so high.

And then the elites that are often placed in this cocoon have the citizenry so sequestered their votes don’t count and their words don’t matter, first as individuals and second, on an aggregate level as the citizenry.

What we get as Independence speech or as speech from the government, from time to time are words that hold no water stringed into sentences and further into paragraphs.

A congregation of fluff meant to pump up your adrenaline for few moments and then you get back to reality and remain screwed.

How about you unscrew yourself and forget the adrenaline?

I’ll make this clear and easy for you: anyone who gives you a speech without credence, facts or proof, disbelieve.

It’s better you err on the path of caution.

It’s wiser you distrust whatever speech you read on the media until you know the numbers.

Until implementation is visible.

Independence isn’t a word you throw around; there are other words in the dictionary you can throw around.

Ask Oxford.

Words like antimonopologeographicationalism (whatever in God’s good name that means).

Yes, throw that around but not independence. Never.

But if you think you can throw ‘Independence’ around and hassle and harry those who don’t, that’s your prerogative.

What I know you should be doing – and that’s if you’re open to advice and suggestion – is saying, “Happy Independence, Nigerians” to few/some Nigerians who despite the odds, put this country on the map in a positive light in fields like energy, technology, food, hospitality, medical, etc.

That’s what I know you should do.

But if you decide to cuddle up sentimentality and say the government is at least trying, I would think you’re stoned on some cheap weed and need to get a room with poverty.

Pass me the cheap weed, I need to flush that down and roll an expensive joint for you.

For your feelings, keep them at Seme border, Idiroko border or before they fly into the Nigerian airspace or sail into the Nigerian waterways.

You’re the type that sees the economy in full swing recession and still believes it’s well even in the well.

Bad enough, you’re in the well and you’re drowning!

Source: Wikipedia.org

Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe


  1. Peter Victor Sule October 12, 2016 at 9:21 am Reply

    You have a way with words. I love your style so much. These are words explicitly delivered, and by the virtue of the truth therein many Nigerians should wake up to reality and be wiser.

    Thank you Pen pal.

    • Okwukwe February 9, 2017 at 7:36 am Reply

      Thank you, Peter. A lottle! LOL 🙂 🙂

      Sadly, I’ve been away from my blog since October, solely publishing on Facebook but I’m back. I’m really sorry for seeing this+replying late.

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