Don't steal my sketch. Or maybe, steal it and credit it to me ;)

Don’t steal my sketch. Or maybe, steal it and credit it to me 😉

I checked Wakanow, FareCompare, CheapFlights and other flight booking sites. They kept showing me N85,000+ and then, in two hours: N118,000+ for a return ticket.

A month ago, it was N55,000.

I wasn’t going to dash Arik or Aero N118,000. Haba!

I decided to go by road. Asides distance and discomfort, I love the sights road travel affords me.

My brother doesn’t like it. He suffers from motion sickness; he’s a funny chap.

But this wasn’t about distance or discomfort or sights of waters, forests, natives and all.

It was about not spending over 100% of an initial ticket price.

I had many times the N118,000 in my account greening all over but oftentimes, affordability isn’t about the greens in your account; it’s about financial sense.

You don’t throw money away just like that; you don’t pluck money from trees.

I spoke with my friend. She told me I’d have booked way earlier.

Say, 3 months earlier.

I was surprised. Occupation shock!

I didn’t know what day I’d travel.

It’s easy for anyone to book a flight 3 months earlier if he works in a traditional corporate setting and knows when he’s getting a leave.
It’s planned and laid out like stairs on the case.

Not when you’re building a start-up you’ve been on for 3 years now and had to rebuild from scratch. It’s like quicksand; you can get sucked in anytime.

Not when your clients can WhatsApp you by 1am and they can swear down you’ll reply almost immediately because you do morning and night shifts.

Not when you work multiple jobs and multiple shifts and have to be almost time perfect.

Oftentimes, I dream about my clients. I don’t know why they’re chasing me in my dreams.

Someday I’ll wake up from those dreams. But I didn’t know you wake up 3 months ago and book a flight for your travel today.

It’s strange in my the career I chose – and still choose everyday.

I just knew that one day, I’ll wake up and leave Nigeria for Ghana.

Just like that. No questions asked by anyone.

It’s the flexibility and…

It’s freedom.

I can wake at mid-week (Wednesday) when everyone is at work, pocket my workstation in a shoulder bag and board a bus en route to Accra, Ghana.

I can stay working on that same road till MTN congratulates me for roaming to Benin, Togo and Ghana.

Again, it’s freedom.

It’s knowing that one of your childhood dreams of travelling whenever you want to is coming true.

It’s knowing that your vacation/trip is financed by the child of your money — passive income: Return on Investment (ROI) and your Personal Profit and Loss Statement stays greening even though there are expenses.

It’s realizing later on that since MTN has got you on Platinum VIP plan, the roaming charges of N40-N100/minute for calls and N25-N40/text is covered by MTN and you don’t really need to bother.

It’s travelling 14 hours to Circle, Accra from 8:46am — 11:07pm (GMT +1).

It’s doing a stop over in Accra, Ghana for 1 hour, 24 minutes from 10:07pm — 11:31am (GMT).

It’s leaving the terminal in a comfy 31 seat sleeper luxurious bus to Kumasi, Ghana from 11:31pm — 4:18am (GMT), knowing you can travel at night/midnight and the chances of a crazy set of armed robbers jumping out of the forest to welcome you with staccato of hot leads from smoking pipes are low.

It’s getting to Kumasi, jumping into a taxi to your brother’s house and getting to his place at 4:36am (GMT).

It’s getting there and realizing you’ve spent approximately 21 hours on the road and knowing you want to sleep but you’ve got workload and clients searching — and patiently waiting — for you even at those ungodly hours. The freaking loyalty!

It’s realizing you’re exactly tired but you’ve got to reward their loyalty by staying up for them for 9 more hours — and you do that.

It’s sleeping after 30 hours and waking up realizing that you’re here to have fun, eat new foods, listen to new languages, meet new friends, learn about humans with different cultures and be alive.

I’m awake now after sleeping off 30 hours stress.

I look around my environment to adjust my senses to my present location. I’m in Kumasi, Ghana.


Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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