You jump high because... free!

You jump high because… free!

The other day we were talking about how we attach ourselves to material things.

I told her that when I was ‘serving’ Nigeria, I brought some of my clothes and burnt them.

She was happy about that.

But I didn’t tell her I brought out some of my books and burnt them.

She would’ve screamed. Or maybe not.

Perhaps she wouldn’t have believed because I love books. Why would I burn any of them?

Those books were the pathway to the reminiscence of my university education.

I love keeping memories but not the one in the above paragraph.

So I burnt them and gloried in the ashes that emanated from the flaming pages.

Joy. Joy. Joy.

My mum screamed as the ceramic plates crashed to the floor.

One survived. One died.

I felt really sorry for the dead one and partially sorry for the living one but I didn’t care as much.

I was searching for something in my bag.

“Did it break?”

“Yes,” and I continued searching.

She screamed again.

I looked at her to know if everything’s okay. Everything checked out fine. But…

“The plate broke.”

“Yes. So?”

My cousin doesn’t have this attachment to objects.

He tells me if a thief asks for his phone and money, he’d gladly give them to him.

We turned that into a joke.

I said we’ll call him back and give him extra batteries and the charger.

We laughed like two baked hippies.

We were walking on a street by 11pm. It was cold and quiet.

A black dog ran past us. It didn’t care.

I like my cousin’s logic.

His is at about 90% now.

If his phone gets lost/stolen, he moves on. Ditto to some other things of his.

I tell him it’s a good thing. He says, “No, it’s bad. I wish I didn’t have to lose lots of things to get to this point.”

“It’s a good thing. You never know. I have this logic just as you but it’s way low. I want it to be like yours.”

He insists on, “No!”

I think he’s Jon Snow. He knows nothing.

I don’t wish to lose lots of things to get to that tipping point where he is almost at now but if it requires losing to get there, when next I hear there’s a robbery going down somewhere, I’ll take this laptop, my phones and power banks and go give the robber.


Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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