I remember the many times Nkiru and my mum and my dad and everyone my mum reported me to for not eating fruits said, “Eat fruits, you’ll be healthy and not be sickly.”
I didn’t eat fruits. I fell ill 14 times one year. That was 2014: I hardly ate much fruits.
Although the tests said it was stress and mosquitoes, I guess it was the fruits. They were after me for not eating them.
Say I was a fruit farmer and there are other farmers we know.
Say I choose to be a serial fruit farmer who likes to plant mango, orange, tangerine, etc.
Say other farmers we know – or at least most of them – like to plant either mango or orange or tangerine.
Say this isn’t our business because there are generalist farmers and specialist farmers and I’m the former and they, the latter.
Say I don’t have a Blackberry fruit plant but one day, I see one and like it.

Say I feel it will add more juice (literally and not) to my farmlands and all that jazz.
Say I approach the owner of the Blackberry fruit plant and pitch to buy but the owner (a farmer, too) says no.
Say I go home and decide that I want a Blackberry fruit plant but I can’t compel you to sell but I can plant one, nurture it and extend its growth to other farmlands I’ve got here and in other states of Nigeria.
Say I go ahead and plant one, nurture it and it grows.
Say I pluck some, eat some, give some, take the seeds to other farmlands of mine and replicate same thing.
Say they all become successful.
Say the serial farmer is Mark Zuckerberg and the Blackberry fruit farmer is Evan Spiegel or Bobby Murphy of SnapChat.
Say Okwukwe loves Zuckerberg but this isn’t him defending him but seeing it from another perspective.
Say what farmer Zuckerberg is doing isn’t wrong or right, black or white.
Say this is grey.
“This is grey.”
Picture Credit: Suttons.co.uk
Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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