Should we pray for Paris? Should we pray with Paris?

Or, should we not? Simply because we think, “We don’t campaign this way against Boko Haram when they attack Nigeria.”

“But it’s not in our country naa.”


In whatever religion we practise, I think we should. You should. I should.

Not because it is Paris but because it’s terrorism.

We should speak against issues like terrorism and speak for peace. Click To Tweet

Like the bed bug biting at your beautiful bed, it’s destructive.

It’s parasitic, extremist and disheartening. Bloodlusty.

Terrorism steals humans. Souls like you.

And while we pray for/with Paris, we should pray for/with Nigeria against Boko Haram and violent agitation for Biafra.

We should speak against these issues and speak for peace. Not only when social media promotes an international crisis but…

When it happens at our backyard, too.

There’s no local or foreign terrorism; it wears the same cloak everywhere and anywhere.

Shades of black, soiling the whites of peace.

Terrorism steals humans. Souls like you. Click To Tweet There's no local or foreign terrorism; it wears the same cloak everywhere and anywhere. Click To Tweet
Written by Okwukwe

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  1. Presh November 15, 2015 at 10:00 am Reply

    Facebook is leading the Paris solidarity campaign with profile picture change and a handful of Nigerians — who 1) Do not have the ability to build a platform like Facebook 2) Have the ability, but have dared not — are complaining about Nigerians standing in solidarity with France and not for Nigeria.

    My humble question is, ‘Did you lead a campaign for North East insurgency profile picture change and we did not comply?’
    If you want to stand with Nigeria, set up your own solidarity system and the rest of the world will join you. #Bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld. Don’t use your reggae to spoil their blues.

    Simply because attention is being given to an issue happening elsewhere in the world — which by the way affects many nations including yours — with same level of gravity as witnessed in your country does not make your country less important.
    #Hashtags are easy to create, so if you felt you needed prayers prior to now, why suddenly remember it? The comparison is not necessary.

    And for those who think it’s hypocrisy on the part of Nigerians, let me remind you about a few things;
    1) Facebook, not a Nigerian, is leading the campaign and Nigerians are part of the Facebook community, so that’s reason enough. They are even doing more to help people find there loved ones using same platform.
    2) The governments who have a working system and understand the value of each human life put out numbers and other measures to check in/up on their citizens.
    3) Just to make the pity party complete, remember that the whole world stood for the #BringBackOurGirls campaign (though some people think it’s a hoax).
    “When we deny the story it defines us, when we own the story we can write a brave new ending”
    4) There is nothing positive about comparing negative situations.

    What is most important is to be a part of the people in the world who are interested in creating systems that work, shun violence, avoid raising dysfunctional kids and address education and religion as core aspects of purposeful living.
    The world needs PEACE and LOVE.

    Look, we can’t change the past’s history but we can change the future’s history.

    So, whether you want to #PrayForParis, #PrayForNigeria or #PrayForTheWorld just go ahead to #Bethechangeyouwanttoseeintheworld.

    • Okwukwe November 15, 2015 at 12:45 pm Reply


      Thanks for your vivid explanations and weighing in on this issue with apt points.

      Some Nigerians have recounted cases where they’ve been insulted on their posts and via their inboxes that, “Why are you changing your profile picture when you didn’t do that for Nigeria when Boko Haram attacked some Nigerians?” and that’s gross.

      Should prayers be selective? That’s the point of this post – and the point of your comment, too. 😀

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