This post, like any other post I’ve written over the past 307 days began with a small post on May 1, 2015. Then another post. And another. And post 351.

You remember this popular saying, “Life is a stage”? Yes, I think you do.

You should lust for life – the good, the bad and ugly.

I want to remind you today to remember always and forever (yes, I stole the “always and forever” line from The Originals) that life is a stage. And you’re the actor/actress on that stage.

One of.

There are other actors and actresses too from all walks of life. Playing different scenes perhaps in same movie as you or in a play, series or something similar.

But your obligation is to play your scene and not theirs.

I also know that you invest efforts into working behind the scenes to ensure that your performance on stage comes tip top.

But what if your win isn’t tip top? What if it’s just tip or top? Do you go on and suck and forget to celebrate?

I think you shouldn’t – suck. I think you should – celebrate.

You may win small today but here's my assurance to you: someday, you'll win more. Click To Tweet

And if that scene gives you a small win today, amen. Life’s a bitch, then you die (P.S: I die too so you’re not in isolation). This is no soft life because…

The slice of life is spliced: someday, small; other days, big. All are wins, though not proportionally.

Admittedly, the bigger the win, the merrier. Yet, the small should also give you a new lease of life.

The small shouldn’t make you live a dog’s life; leave that life for those living in limbo. Not for you, you who is busting her ass off on a daily.

Someday, the stars will align if you believe in the alignment of the stars but if you’re no sucker for stars alignment, fate will remember you. Or grace.

The stars. Fate. Grace. These trio never forget.

You may win small today but here’s my assurance to you: someday, you’ll win more.

Big. Huge. As expected. More than expected.

And that day, you’ll look back at those days spent tossing on your bed, suffocating your pillows with tears, spent depressed, spent working hard and smart, spent wondering if you’re constantly on the path of what’s right for you or what’s wrong for you.

That day too, you’ll look forward and remember that I told you so. I bet my life.

Don’t give up when life’s seamy! It all began with one small win.

Don't give up when life's seamy! It all began with one small win. Click To Tweet
Written by Okwukwe

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