Source: Okwukwe

Source: Okwukwe

Every week, I get to post (and answer) observations and questions from the readers of my debut: Bank of Deposits. Today, we have an observation from Jennifer Uju.


Ok, I was reading episode 23. I read your examples I felt there’s no synchronization between the cooking example and the other examples you gave. For instance you told me the advice you would have given to me if I were cooking in the Stone Age, then I expected you tell me something I would do differently with reference to cooking in the ICT age maybe using software rather than stones to cook or something like that.

I don’t know if you get my point. 

Or using dancing maybe in the Stone Age the only way I can learn from people to dance is by going for dancing practices but giving the ICT age like you said, I don’t necessarily need to go to those practices; I could learn from YouTube blah blah blah.

Just my thoughts, I felt I should let you know. It’s very ok if you don’t agree with me.


You’re right. I didn’t tell how to use it in the current Age, in that particular episode but later on, in page 118, I made a reference to that. Still, it’s a good observation. One that needs to be corrected in the revised edition.

Prior to that, you can use the following resources to learn how to cook or learn how to cook varieties, depending on what you hope to achieve:,, and of course, YouTube.

Guess this will make up for the missing link in Episode 23 and add up to the examples in page 118. 🙂

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