People make money. Legally!

Thousands. Millions. Billions. Legally!

Naira. Dollar. Euro. Pound. RMB. Rand. Knock yourself out!

There are still sane people around on earth – even insane people, making legal money.

Even if – and this is a big IF – the illegal money making folks are out there in plenty like grains of beans getting ready to be picked by a cook, there are still people around, making legal money.

Remember to remember that always.

For the case in point, here’s another reminder. It’s her money, not yours. We should learn how pronouns work if we’ve forgotten how it works.

These folks don’t need your permission to spend their money how-, why-, what-, where- and on whom-ever they choose to:

Sprays it from 2,000ft. No problem!

Buys a car worth N48m. No problem! He doesn’t need to donate it to an orphanage if he doesn’t choose to. But I feel it’d be great if he does that.

Buys a bag worth N5m. No problem! Even if she’s putting only an iPhone in her bag, an iPhone with N200 airtime in it and decides not to have N5,000 airtime in it or feed 100 kids on the street, that’s her prerogative.

Goes to Quilox and spend money on drinks worth N20,000 per bottle, that’s his business if he should have bought sneakers or Invicta wristwatch with same amount.

Donates 99% of his wealth to the world. No problem!

Keep in mind that some folks can spend as much as N1m on a wristwatch but not spend N150,000 on a date for two. In fact, someone may find spending N150,000 on a date gross. Someone!

Simply because people love spending money on different things: wristwatches, boots, sneakers, fast cars, slow cars, fast bikes, jets, glass houses, moderate (read: decent) houses, etc.

I can do a lot of money on wristwatches, boots, jackets, sunglasses, books, fast cars and bikes, sky dives, etc but I don’t see myself (yet) spending a lot of money on booze. Booze is not on my to-spend list. See?

Next time, instead of asking, “Why waste money this way?” ask “It’s her money. Why can’t she spend it on what she likes? Can I sacrifice what she sacrificed to make this money?”

Next time, instead of asking, Why waste money this way? ask, It's her money; why can't she spend it on what she likes? Can I sacrifice what she sacrificed to make this money? Click To Tweet
Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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