This is very sad. I may even cry before I’m done with this post – and that’s why the meme you see says, “I’m disappoint,” instead of, “I’m disappointed.”

I’m trying to register my disappointment, please.

I was at work yesterday and I stumbled on this fella.

Dude has a job he wants someone to work on and that’s a good thing. There are writers looking for job. So many of them you’ll think it’s a reunion or something.

But, here’s the bad part: that part that almost rumbled my stomach to the point of puking on my laptop.

Dude said there ought to be a test to ascertain writers he could work with. No problem with that!

But dude added that, “It’s a paid test of $10 to us for the test.”

“Huh?” That was the first thing that came to my mind.

Yet I restrained myself: I hate jumping into conclusions. I could break my legs, you know.

So I asked him to be sure I read correctly. He replied in the affirmative. $10 for a test by his company for even native English speakers. Way to go!

Let’s take this into perspective: he was actually looking for 50 writers. 50 x $10 = $500.

He wanted to make $500 off the sweat of hard working writers and his explanation of that was, “So that we can pay our workers well.”

How does one pay his supposed workers well by scamming people who think you’ve got a job for them?

I almost told him to fuck off.

But I didn’t. I’ve just been sitting here and there, walking here and there wondering, “Who pays for interview/test?” and “If you pay for interview/test, why? What are you doing?”

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Written by Okwukwe

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