This is me. 10 months after Buhari was sworn in.

This is me. I remember.

This memory is almost vivid but there’s a bit of convolution here and there.

Yet, it’s one of those memories that stay on in spite of those that waft through like debris on a breezy day.

Like the memory of my encounter with a beautiful lady sitting all lonesome besides a path by 3am somewhere in South eastern Nigeria, on a dark night (I’ll tell you this story someday… Today is about APC and her manifesto of change).

I’ve forgotten who told me that growth could be positive or negative but I can remember it was in an Economics class.

You see, I started seeing the concept of growth differently. So when someone says “This is growth”, I want to know if it’s positive or negative.

This isn’t far fetched from the concept of change except that most Nigerians failed to ask the current government, “Positive change or negative change – which?”

For a manifesto to have N5,000 stipends to pay on a monthly basis, that’s enough red light.

I’m tired of speaking English. Do the maths.

Take 1% of Nigeria and multiply it by N5,000. I wager you’ll get about N8.5bn per month. Now multiply by 12 and slap yourself if you believed this.

This is often the problem we have, that nine we’re yet to mend because we haven’t found the stitch in time.

Just like the problem I have with people who negotiate and don’t ask questions. Like what are you doing?

We’re guilty of two crimes:
1) We didn’t ask questions.
2) We didn’t ask the right questions.

No questions. No answers.

No right questions. No right answers.

So here we are, clinging to jerry cans and gallons, fuel pumps and fuel attendants hoping to get fuel for N200-N300 per litre.

Hoping to get answers too for being surprised with the smear of shame from change.

For a nation that’s being slammed by no light and high exchange rate, this is being smacked upside the head.

Economically. Financially. Emotionally. Psychologically.

Mentally too. How on earth do you think with problems clinging to your brain like nerve endings?

Tell Lai Mohammed to cook up a more suitable lie but one thing remains, the Nigerian government is a shame.

You expect the government will hit the ground running but she hit the air travelling.

How can you fuck the economy over in just 10 months?

I’ll rephrase: How can you rape the economy over and over again in just 10 months? This is an epic case of getting screwed. All pun (porn perhaps) definitely intended.

We made it all about parties: for or against.

We didn’t make it about Nigeria. Oneness.

So we’re stuck in the fuel stations queuing to buy fuel because the economy is in a rot.

The irony is that we’re stuck together, stripped of ethnicity, tribal bigotry and other fucks associated with it.

How did we get to this point, to the point where suffering and pain only gets us back to reality? How?

Right now, we’re asking questions we’d have asked almost a year ago.

Just that we’re not asking in comfort; we’re asking under the sun, drenched in sweat and united in suffering.

Asides football, only suffering, I tell you, unites us on a daily in Nigeria.

Why can’t we be united in prosperity for a change?

May we bless Nigeria! May we have sense!

Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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