Thank you

How about saying it in different languages? Hehe!

P.S: Woman Next Door, I hope you don’t get to read this.

If you eventually do read this, then you may never see me in the same compound for a quarter or a semi-annual.

I will disappear into my tiny room to my little work cubicle where I write to clients or draft articles on and Medium.

Or to my bed where I lay cuddled up daydreaming of how I want this huge amount of money— to make it and then, think how to employ it to achieve a dream.

But if you do read this, here’s me saying thank you, woman next door for:

Sharing and fleshing out my recent idea with me.

Sharing your experience with that recent idea once upon in the 90’s with me.

Suggesting a marketing plan beyond the borders of Lagos.

Saying, “Don’t hold back. Move ahead.” Words that resonate on multiplicity of levels like tiers of cake in a wedding reception.

Thank you, woman next door.

I hope you read this. Then again, I hope you don’t read this.

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Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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