Source: Okwukwe

“At that point in my life, I was torn between the options of satisfying my parents, studying a course befitting to what would permit me the freedom to take care of everyone I’m responsible for and finding what I really loved, which I sincerely had a not so concrete clue about.

In retro, my choice of aeronautic engineering and marine engineering was born out of my love for technology and travelling but life happened.

Also in retro, I’ve always had this teen dream to be a freelancer (even before I knew the word) who can travel anywhere, anytime; this choice and dream couldn’t play out then and so, trying to find some sort of balance, I said, “I want to be an artist.””


Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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