Bank of Deposits IDecidedly chose today to post and answer questions from readers of #BankofDeposits.
I’ll answer individually and then, post for others to read and/or add their two cents – with permission from the individual who asked though. But I don’t need Munachim‘s permission. So…
Q (Munachim):
“We’re pretty much stuck up here with people living without passions in their workplaces and this to me is a career transgression which oft leads to a debacle.”
Nnaa, what would you rather have us do? The reality is, we need to make money. We have responsibilities. We have to marry and build a family. We have wives who like to buy gold and fix brazillian hair and give birth abroad. We have children. We want to travel abroad for vacation. We also want to matter in society. These things are important, you know.
If I leave my job to pursue passion, how do I explain to my children when my passion fails to bring enough money for them to study abroad like their mates? What will I tell them; the ones I love? What will I tell myself?”

Oftentimes, we can harness our passions while working regular jobs; oftentimes, we can’t.
For the case in point, most writers, if not all like to say (and I was in this group few years ago) that there’s no job for a writer, that writers are poor, etc.
From a convergent thought process, this is true especially in Nigeria because I barely see organizations doing a ‘Writers For Hire’ vacancy search – they don’t know they need writers but they do. But this is convergent and this is part of the problem. The other part is, “How many writers are pitching their services to the big and medium companies?”
For some writers, their passions stop on Facebook and Twitter – or if they go further, their blogs.
From a divergent thought process, there are many job positions where a writer can harness his/her passion (I do it at Specuit Cargo too, else what’s a writer doing in Customer Care?): Customer Care, Website Development (they’ve got to work on business development, website content strategy), Virtual Assistance, Social Media, etc.
If we go divergent, the fields where a writer can harness his/her passion becomes unboxed and unlimited: Oil industry, beverage industry, energy industry, banking industry, retail industry, etc.
If we narrow down these industries to companies, we’ll likely have Shell, Coca-Cola, GTBank, FCMB, Jumia, Konga, etc. It becomes a level playing field and if the individual in question really works hard and smart, he’ll grow horizontally inter- and intra-industry or vertically (within the same company).
He gets to make money; he gets to marry the love of his life; he gets to build a family, sends his children to the best schools (in Nigeria or abroad) and buy the fine things of life.
Yet, this perspective is new in Nigeria and I’m hoping we get to embrace it fully. The question is, “Why are we restrictive in job searches like, “Oh! It’s an oil company, I can’t work there as a graphic designer” whereas we can because Shell – or whatever that oil company is – need adverts, newsletters, etc. and who should design them?”
This is one of many examples. I could give more examples from different passions, either as a team player (employee) or a founder.
Written by Okwukwe

Writer + Entrepreneur + Designer + Creative Artist + Tech Lover + Firework Lover + Travel Freak + Retired Economist (’08-’12) = Okwukwe

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